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Mosquito Control, Mosquito

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Mosquito Control That Works

Chad is very thorough and also takes his time to educate his clients on various pest issues.  Also, he is very honest and will not sell you on services that are not necessary.  I highly recommend Kish Termite Solutions.
Steve J

Mosquitoes might as well be Florida’s state insect (which is actually the zebra longwing butterfly). Not only do they suck, they can be dangerous vectors of disease. 

Kish Pest deploys licensed professionals to your home or business to provide exceptional mosquito control. We are your local mosquito experts in Naples, Southwest Florida, and surrounding neighborhoods in Collier County.

Mosquito Control Services

Monthly Exterior Spray Treatments: Residential & Commercial

Vulnerability Assessments

Post-treatment recommendations

Outdoor Event / Special Event Treatments

Booster / Respray Callbacks if necessary between visits

Monthly Exterior Spray Treatments: Residential & Commercial

When you contact the Kish mosquito control team, our trained professional treats your property and perimeter with an effective, EPA-approved pesticide spray treatment that eliminates mosquitoes. The spray kills live mosquitoes on contact. It then bonds to foliage in the areas we target, continuing to repel mosquitoes for weeks.

Residential Mosquito Control Services

Our residential mosquito spray service protects your home’s outdoors, including patio, pond, and backyard areas. We target areas that harbor mosquitoes – grassy and green targets like shrubs and trees, or in brownish matter like leaf piles, old wood, and other organic debris. Shaded areas and overlooked places that invite mosquito populations are thoroughly inspected by our technicians.

The spray treatment kills adult mosquito populations on contact, so you get immediate relief. We also identify mosquito breeding grounds on your property and eliminate any active larvae populations. We’ll notify you of any conditions that invite mosquitoes to hide and breed, like flipped trash can lids that can hold water.

A Kish Pest control professional spraying for pests inside a home that has Kish Pest control services.
A mosquito on a leaf.

Safe & Lasting Mosquito Defense

The mosquito spray bonds to foliage and dries, continuing to repel mosquitoes for weeks. Your home is protected by an insect repellent barrier that prevents new mosquito populations from taking hold – even if your neighbors attract biting insects with their standing water sources.

After the drying period, about 30 minutes, your yard is ready for your family and pets to enjoy!

What’s Included in Residential Mosquito Control Services

Precision application of mosquito spray for all outdoor areas

Mosquito repellent barrier that last for weeks

Monthly reapplication service

Larvae inspection and elimination

Post-service recommendations

Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Our commercial mosquito control team understands the needs of your business, HOA, or outdoor grounds – including sports fields, courts, clubhouses, campgrounds, and other outdoor recreational areas. Monthly exterior spray treatments by our trained professionals can protect your commercial property without disrupting operations.

The monthly program treats your property and surrounding lot with a precision-application of insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact. The spray bonds to foliage and acts as a potent mosquito repellent for weeks post-treatment, ensuring your business is a safe zone from biting insects.

Mosquito Control, Mosquito
Mosquito Control, Mosquito

Simplify Your Mosquito Control

Mosquito control services include property-wide vulnerability assessments to help you identify standing water sources and other breeding grounds. We find and eliminate active larvae and egg populations to prevent new infestations.

What’s Included in Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Precision application of mosquito spray for all outdoor areas

Mosquito repellent barrier that last for weeks

Monthly reapplication service

Active larvae inspection and elimination

Post-service recommendations

Outdoor Event/Special Event Treatments

Your magical evening outdoors shouldn’t be remembered for being itchy or smelling like pest control. From setting up until after the last guest leaves, we’ll keep your outdoor setting mosquito-free. Call us to schedule event treatment services at least 30 minutes to an hour before you begin preparing food for your party.

A Kish Pest control professional spraying for pests inside a home that has Kish Pest control services.
A Kish Pest control professional spraying for pests inside a home that has Kish Pest control services.

One-time treatment of mosquito repellent spray for all outdoor guest areas

Elimination of mosquito gathering spots

Pre-event advice and education as necessary to keep you and your guests bite-free

The pest control truck for Kish Pest Solutions. A silver Chevy Silverado with a partial red wrap that has the business information and some decorative decals.
A Kish Pest control professional spraying for pests inside a home that has Kish Pest control services.

Mosquito Control Tips for Your Outdoor Event


Set up deterrents around the perimeter

Oscillating fans and citronella candles deter mosquito activity, as do aromatic plants like rosemary, lemon eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender.


Make a social media post or invitation insert for guests

Advise them to skip perfumes and scents if possible, and suggest free-flowing garments in light colors to make them less attractive to mosquitoes.


Offer mess-free insect repellent stations

Mosquito wipes, essential oils, and handheld fans are easy ways for guests to keep bites at bay.

4. Call Kish for an easy, effective mosquito treatment before your event.

A satisfied Kish Pest control customer who gave a review.

Why Call Kish for Mosquito Control?

Not only are we your local pest control company, we are your neighbors. Our staff lives in the areas we service, so we are naturally familiar with the local ecosystem. We can anticipate where insects tend to appear, how they interact with local plant life, and how they’ll behave from season to season.

This expertise allows us to create customized pest control solutions that are tailored to your specific locale, seasonal needs, and more. We also pride ourselves on providing personal, reliable, hassle-free service in order to build lasting relationships with our customers.
Finally, as a local company, we are invested in the well-being of our community. We take pride in serving our neighbors and providing high-quality pest control services that keep homes and businesses safe and healthy. When you choose us as your pest control provider, you are supporting a local business that cares about our community.
Thank you for considering our services, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do mosquitoes bite me?

Mosquitoes are attracted to humans for a variety of reasons:

Carbon dioxide: Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe. 
Body heat: If you are producing more heat than the people around you, you may be more attractive to mosquitoes.
Body chemistry/odor: Mosquitoes are also attracted to certain chemicals that our bodies produce, such as lactic acid and uric acid. These chemicals are present in sweat. Additionally, some people naturally have more bacteria on their skin than others, which can also attract mosquitoes
Clothing color: Dark clothes in certain colors, such as black and red, can also attract mosquitoes
Genetics: Finally, it’s worth noting that some people are simply more attractive to mosquitoes than others. If your body produces certain chemicals or compounds that mosquitoes find particularly appealing, you may be more likely to get bitten.

Are mosquito sprays safe?

To ensure the safe use of pesticides, mosquito control companies must follow strict regulations and guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). These guidelines include requirements for proper storage, handling, and disposal of pesticides, as well as training and certification requirements for pesticide applicators. When used properly, these pesticides can be effective at controlling mosquito populations while minimizing risks to humans and the environment.

Kish Pest professionals follow or exceed the guidelines established by the EPA. In addition, we have strict business processes in place that help us protect our customers and our staff. We also remain mindful of how our actions affect local ecosystems. 

It’s important to note that kids and pets may be more sensitive to the chemicals present in sprays. We recommend avoiding freshly treated areas until the product has had plenty of time to dry.

How well do zappers work?

Bug zappers, also known as electric insect killers, attract flying insects with a bright light and then electrocute them with a high-voltage electric shock. While bug zappers can be effective at killing some flying insects, their overall effectiveness at reducing mosquito populations is limited.
Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide and body heat rather than bright light, so bug zappers are not an effective way to control large numbers of mosquitoes

In some cases, bug zappers can actually make mosquito problems worse by killing large numbers of beneficial insects that would otherwise help control mosquito populations. This can create a vacuum that allows mosquitoes to thrive and reproduce without competition from other insects.
It’s best to use methods that specifically target mosquitoes, such as repellent sprays, mosquito nets, and larvicides.

How often do I need mosquito treatments?

Our mosquito spray services provide a barrier of protection that lasts for weeks. The repellent characteristic of the treatment naturally becomes less effective over time. This is why our mosquito control services are offered on a monthly basis. Some months require more vigilance to keep mosquitoes away – breeding season, rainy seasons, even times of rapid plant growth. We are only a call away when you need a booster application between regular service visits. Let’s work together to keep your property as inhospitable as possible to mosquitoes and their larvae.  

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Mosquito Control, Mosquito

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